Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kanye. Runaway.

So i didn't get to see this when it came on MTV and BET simultaneously last week, and I just watched it earlier tonight. Im impressed. I love that Kanye is striving to be different. Im pleased to see that this Extended video had nothing directly to do with taylor swift, because after the MTV awards, i was afraid that it would.

Kanye is an ass. But he makes Great music. I dont know if he would be my personal friend, But hes always got a spot in my playlists and in my Ipod...I Cannot disrespect the Creative drive and his hunger for expression in all forms. I dont know if he is a genius...But hes pretty damn good. Kudos for this one, 'Ye. I look forward to his actual album because Im sure what he has leaked onto the net is just the tip of the iceberg... HERE Is the 35 minute mini movie, Extended music video "Runaway" beneath it is a link to a mix-tape that was leaked on a few blogs this weekend called "Dark & Twisted Reality"

This has all the songs from this Mini- movie.

Enjoy. Download. Share.
Warmest Regards,
DJ Beach

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