Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BEEN SLACKIN... I apologize... Here are some of my new favorite Vids

About my absence... I turned 25... had lots of gigs, sold a couple houses and upgraded my home computer set up, So i took a few weeks off. I am back now tho... get ready for some great posts over the next few weeks! 

First off something creepily Delicious from Kid cudi... Shouts to MODI( for posting this on facebook. Love this vid. maybe because it reminds me of trueblood a bit, and feels like something they should score the show with, or use at the end after a dramatic battle. -- Love it!

No One Believes Me - Kid Cudi

Chromeo is funky as hell.. this song is dope and the video is hillarious. Check em out... I actually like and play the Breakbot remix of this song a bit better than the original- check that out HERE-
When The Night Falls- Breakbot Remix

CHROMEO- When The Night Falls Ft. Solange Knowles

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