Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 9-17 MIghty Pint Fam Reunion & Backe Wedding

It has been well established that I will not be a good weekly blogger. Its tough for me to sit and share these stories and play lists ever week, but I can commit and deliver Bi-monthly updates. DONE.

So the past few weeks i have had 3 shifts @ the mighty pint, My family reunion & a wedding for some friends & class mates of mine. Good variety of gigs, all new and exciting. Been having a great time @ the pint and getting a rhythm going. Since the pint really is like gin& tonic junior... I went back to my roots and was looking at some older play lists that i have used at gin and tonic in the past year for my "early in the night songs" And it really worked well. This is a play list strategy that can work for bars and clubs, just depends on what your crowd is. For the pint its sublime, paramore, train, will smith, Pharcyde, Third eye Blind, 311... Stuff that is recognize-able, has a slightly slower bpm, but is not putting people to sleep.... I will post an example play list of this later this weekend, my early in the night mix...

Family reunion! -7/10/10 in Richmond VA

Family reunion... good times good food, distant cousins that you might not really be related to, but they been coming for the past 20 years so who really cares at this point... lol. This was a positive event all around, and a very easy one to Dj because there is a very safe bubble of Line dances old school r&b, Motown, Funk soul & disco that i played and kept everyone happy. The Bald headed guy in the grey shirt in the picture above is my uncle, and he has been djaying for years... i was very glad that he was there to help me out and offer assistance, and recommend some songs for me because he does allot more parties for this demographic. His best recommendations that I would not have thought to play without him there were were "Just Fine" by Mary J Blige & "Get Up Get down Get funky Get loose" by Teddy Pendergrass:

Apparently there is a line dance that goes along to this song... in the pic above my uncle is teaching is leading all my cousins in it lol... similar to the electric slide... just like every other line dance! All in all a fun night, all ages having a great time dancing together... i just wish there was a little booze to get everybody loose. I firmly believe you have to have alcohol at all social events where you want people to dance... It just helps lubricate the dance floor...

Weekend of July 17... Never sleepin

Friday night was a great shift @ the mighty pint... tried something new with this Equalizer i created for the back of my laptop screen... it was a hit!

The equalizer jumps to the beat of the song... pretty awesome, except that it attracts more drunk chicks closer to my table... Drunk chicks truly are my best friends and arch nemeses when I'm djaying. They can be great or The worst...Ive gotta be in bouncer mode when they lean over and want to touch my gear... STAY AWAY! It was a good Friday night... ill put up a soundcloud link to my set later this weekend.

Saturday: Sarah & Sean's Wedding
Weddings are awesome. period, this one did not disappoint. I love djaying weddings because everyone is generally in a good mood and love is literally in the air. Play list strategy for weddings is similar to the family reunion... varying slightly because the demographic for this wedding was different from my family reunion, but allot of similar content. basically you play the stuff they are all going to know and appreciate...focusing on old school, Motown, little swing, & 70's + 80's pop few line dances... But just keep em dancing! Funniest part about this wedding was a mother daughter combination that would not stop making requests... The Daughter was 5 or 6 and she only wanted Taio cruz and Justin Bieber...and the mother kept begging me to play salsa... Again it was a beautiful day, all in good spirit, so i did my best to accommodate... but by the end of the night the little girl and mother(who was hammered) were a bit too persistent...ill leave it at that. My favorite part about this reception was their entrance song Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"... Yes they just did that... and it was awesome! coolest couple ever congrats to Sarah & Sean!

Tonight its back to the mighty pint...then tomorrow @ gin & tonic again... i will upload play lists & my first mixtape this Sunday... Calling it
"Lets Get Weird w/my favs"

Thx for reading...


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