Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mighty Pint & recap of last few weeks

Apologies for the Hiatus... Thank the Day job and lack of discipline for the blog... Imma do better folks I promise. Since my last post I have had 6 shifts 3 at The Mighty Pint Check out their website click the link ( The might pint is in the same location where the Old mad Hatter was)

Couple Shifts and Chi-Cha and one more back at Gin andTonic last night. Been a good few weeks, I got some new hardware and software so Ive been really working on my sets and it is paying off. Its all about practice. A Failure to Prepare only ensures that you are Prepared to Fail!

First lets discuss the Mighty Pint,

They did an amazing job with this renovation because the old mad hatter was a Grimey to say the least... i mean just terrible old floors, old walls, just a layer of grime over everything down there. I used to Dj there for Monday nights and did a couple weekend shifts... and it just had a random crowd also. another problem I had with the old mad hatter was the terrible sound system. i mean TERRIBLE, like 5 of those little JBL globe things, an old amp that would always overheat and crack, and NO sub woofer so no bass of any kind... Very frustrating place to work. The mighty pint on the other hand is taking things in a much better direction for such an awesome and central location (1831 M Street NW Washington DC).
Ultimately it is a basement bar, a long bar as soon as you come in, then an open area, and steps to an upper level that has another bar. They put in a new sound system with some solid peavey's and a good Sub woofer so the dance floor really gets going. The place is intimate so a dance floor of 25-30 people feels packed. The music there is pretty open ended. Very similar play list to what i would play at Gin and tonic, Top 40, Lil classic rock, Lil Motown, Lil popular rap, Lil house, a mix of everything, the later it gets the more dance oriented it is, but still an eclectic mix to represent the younger, M-st crowd. I will post a play list later and some pics but the might pint is a fun spot with very cool management and bartenders. The energy is great and its always a good time.

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