Friday, June 11, 2010

Last night and tomorrow

First legit blog post... momentous.

lets give everyone a little more background on me, I don't normally do the week-night-go-out thing... i just don't... I don't function well with little sleep, But Ive been in a good mood and really wanted to support my friends band, so i made the sacrifice. I had a late appointment with a real estate Client then went down to Chi-Cha Lounge before heading to Velvet lounge to watch my friend Kiran's band City Folk perform. I really love U street, The diversity of places you can visit in just a few blocks, its sick. I love Chicha especially (because i DJ there and the staff is just awesome) and something about velvet did have a kinda cool grimey feel to it. I like to go places where i don't have to worry about clanking my glass on a table and everyone looking at me like i offended them, , and places where i can get a can of beer. Velvet fit all of those descriptions & the DJ at velvet was working hard, it was not busy, but he was using scratch live and time code vinyl, actually spinning and beat matching... no scratching but clean and simple transitions. I liked it. his selection of eclectic Hip hop was also enjoyable, the beats were danceable but i did not recognize the lyrics as anything poppy or commercial, the music really fit the spot, underground. real chill. City folk are a group of Gtown Undergrads and they r funky. I cant tell you exactly what the genre is, but what was special about last night was the an extra drummer has been added so the couple songs i heard had a deeper rhythm to follow. either way the youngins got energy and individuality, I like it. Will def go back on another night to give more in depth review.

My stop at ChiCha was supposed to be for a just a sec on the way down to velvet... But that place is so awesome that its impossible to stay for just a second. The vibe is just awesome, There is really a feel that is unique and very cool. The pace is never hectic, people come in, and talk and have some hooka, some funky little plantain chips and keep it moving. Girls may occasionally get up and do the "freakum dress shimmy" around their couches and hooka tables, but that's about it... esp on Thursdays... The main room was only about 80 % full when i Left around 1115 & my homie DJ BILLY QUEST and TSUNAMI NIGHTLIFE were spinning that great House/electro/downtempo/lounge music, setting the perfect mood... When you Dj its all about the energy... u cant be pumping out that heat... hard hitting super loud music when people are just chillin and vice versa... when people are drinkin and ready to dance and have a good time you cant put them to bed with music that is too chill. Good DJ's know how to read the crowd and play whats right... That's where real talent comes in... In know WHEN to play WHAT...I pride myself on being able to do so, and my man billy did a great job of that last night. I love chicha and should be back in there djaying on 6/18/10, i will confirm that later .

so this post was all over the place But its just the beginning, i know my grammar sucks, but whatever, i was a studio art major in college and i sell real estate and DJ now...the blogging thing is new to me. Enjoy comment and share


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