Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend of 6.13.10 (Part 2 of 2)

Friday night was epic... great to have a night off, Saturday was back to work. Had 2 parties, my Real estate office's summer party a our manager's office, and a regular Night at Gin & Tonic In Glover Park. two parties in a day can be exhausting... especially after Friday night. Timing is tough to account for as a mobile DJ, Breaking up and setting down can take longer than people think. for example, at this summer party, it started raining, so i had to break down my outdoor set up and take everything inside, someone at the party was like... how long does that take you to break down and set up? 10-15 min? no...its not that simple, and it takes at a minimum around 20-30 min, not including sound checking and making sure the levels are good... But I'm a bit of a sound snob...Its got to sound clear round and level, even highs and lows, nothing worse than flat or dull sounding music...especially from a Dj....
The demographic at this party was primarily Caucasian ages 35-60, and I have worked an office party before, with this same group, so I did not have to really prepare for this party, because i knew what to expect. There is a safe and predictable box of music you can stay with in for this middle aged-mature Demographic that will always work. Classics, Motown, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Some 70's Funk, intermixing a few of today's top 40's... Black eyed peas, Jay-Z empire state of mind, etc. All in all a very easy party to work because people did not drink that much, and i had to keep the music at a lower volume level, so it was more background music than "life of the party" dance music. so that was the Summer party...
Summer party finished at 8 and i went down to Gin & Tonic for my regular Saturday night shift there. This is one of the places i have residency, I normally get 2-3 Saturday nights per month there and Its a good fit. My best description for Gin and tonic or G&T as it is affectionately called sometimes is a s$%tface-brofest. It just is. But that's ok because the energy can be really great in there most of the time. at G&T i play top 40, Classic rock, lil motown, little mainstream house and dance, and all your standard bro-bar songs, Journey, the outfield, Bon Jovi, I always try to throw in a couple newer rap songs that some would consider too "hard" for a spot like that... but Gin and tonic surprises me every time with the rap songs that people request. On this night, I had a couple requests for Steady mobbin, & women lie men lie. Which are Rap songs by artists that have been top 40(weezy in both) in the past few months... just not as popular and recognizable/danceable. But i played em and on that night, both worked well. go figure. it was a standard G&T evening, got busy around 1130 and stayed about 75% full until 145-150. By the end of the night, many drunk compliments were pouring in. Good energy tho.. I cannot complain. BEACH HOUSE MUSIC

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