Monday, August 23, 2010


I just wanna say thanks for all the love and listening and support, I appreciate all of it and hope everyone enjoys the work ive done thus far. Stay Tuned it only gets weirder!

IF you have not seen it yet, Check out my SOUNDCLOUD
you can stream or download or both 4 mixes ive put up over the past month:
CHill Out But Beware of Grenades
And my first mix ever: Letss Get Weird & Dance

Im gonna add some more later this week and over the month of September I plan to put up Some new Themed mixtapes, here are the ideas floating around in my head...

"Yea, Im From MUURALAND" - Showcasing my Fav local artists from DC, MD & VA
"Weird Baby Making Practice"- My Fav Slowjamz
" Weird Songs people will ask for 5 times tonight" -Medley of Top 40 & Pop songs
" Lets Get Weird in the HAUS" some of my Fav House/Electronic songs
"Cocaine's a helluvadrug, And Mullets are not weird"- Sweet 80's Funk and dance and rock

August has been a blast, great music, great gigs great people, Im reall y looking forward to Sept and further promotion of the GFDC movement.(T-shirts coming)
Dance hard, drink heavy(to stay hydrated) and keep it weird.

Warmest Regards,
DJ Beach

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