Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gfdc 4. Download the mix!

Shout out to my homie @jayglassie for inspiring me to bring back the GFDC movement.

Just because the seasons change, doesnt mean we weaken our defenses. We are promoting a Grenade Free DC one bar at a time. Its a daunting task, but good music is the solution! LOL

Been a few weeks. been busy. I am doing my best to post mixes with a wide variety of music, reflective of my gigs. I literally play all kinds of music. The songs in this mix are some of my favorites. Electro-pop, Reggae, House, & Reggae Remixes. yes. This is 45 min of my set from chicha Lounge on sat 10.23.10. play. Download. Share. Enjoy. NO GRENADES!

CLick the Links Below to download the rest of my sets from this night!

Warmest Regards,
DJ Beach

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