Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm In Alabama for the week at my dad's house and I'm discovering a network called Centric apparently this is BET's atonement for selling out to Viacom and Becoming "Black EVIL Television" setting black people back to slave times.... A rant for another blog. I like centric, in the past couple hours I've seen a few episodes of In Living Color & some classic episodes of Soul Train. Both amazing shows that were poignant expressions of African American popular culture & music for their respective times. Here are some YouTube videos to show anyone that is not familiar with the shows.

Shawn Wayans, from wayans brother TV show and all the "Scary Movie" Movies was the DJ on this show because his older brother, Keenan Ivory Wayans( My Dad's classmate at Tuskeegee) was the Executive producer of the show. this is also where J-Lo Got her start as one of the "Fly Girls" a group of cuties that danced to new jack swing and early 90s' hip-hop throughout the show and in special segments at the beginning of every episode. don't forget...Jim Carey also got his start on here...

here are some Soul Train videos... Its funny that our parents make fun of us for Soulja boy, Stanky Legg, Flexx, Walkin it out & most recently Teaching each other how to Dougie... but they danced like this... I love old school soul train videos..

LMAO at the outfits and the Facial expressions while dancing... LOVE IT!

who knew that Rosie Perez got her start on Soul Train? Gettin it down the soul train line!

I need to make a soul train & in living color inspired mix. well see if i can fit it in next month.

Thanks for reading. Happy Turkey day. I am very Thankful for your ear and attention. GOBBLE GOBBLE!
Warmest Regards,
- Dj Beach

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